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Loop Cycle is a live looping specialist who builds complex, structured original loop based music using a wide variety of techniques with guitar, human beatbox and effects. His style has been termed Hybrid Fusion as it is a little bit of everything, encompassing funk, rock, electronica, jazz, alternative, dubstep, industrial,  etc all with an organic take on electronic music.


Loop Cycle specialises in live recreation of original compositions using the live looping method which enables the sound of an entire band to be created by one person. The varied effects and techniques used allow for a vast array of sounds from basic guitar, drums and bass, to ghost like voices, hamond organs, and spacey synthesizer sounds plus much more.


Building music quickly and forcing changes upon the loops is how Loop Cycle keeps the pieces interesting, variable and dynamic.  This approach helps to add distinct sections to his loop based music and is one of the things that makes Loop Cycle unique in this field.  

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