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G I G     D A T E S

Loop Cycle is a LIVE LOOPING CYBORG who builds complex, structured, original loop based music using a wide variety of techniques with guitar, human beatbox and effects. His style has been termed HYBRID FUSION as it is a little bit of everything, encompassing funk, rock, electronica, jazz, alternative, dubstep, industrial,  etc all with an organic take on electronic music.  He builds loops FAST and keeps them changing and interesting!  


Sounds from guitar, human beatbox, bass, strings and vocals, to ghost like voices, hammond organs, synthesizers, and creative effects mean Loop Cycle sounds like an ENTIRE BAND BY HIMSELF.


Loop Cycle has been live looping since 1999 and has headlined various festivals, worked with famous artists such as Petebox, Graham Fellows and Dunstan Bruce (ex Chumbawamba).  He runs the UK Live Loopers Collective and has substantial reach and draw in the live looping community and beyond.


Pioneering the use of multiple simulteaneous chord progressions and other revolutionary techniques, Loop Cycle sounds like no other musician yet still creates the kind of music that gets in people's heads and stays there!